Tips To Brew An Amazing Cup Of Coffee

The world is divided in to tea lovers and coffee lovers a lot. So if you are one to fall in to the former, here are some tips you could use or need to know to brew a steaming cup of coffee.

Use fresh beans

If you want to enjoy the most amazing cup of coffee it only makes sense that you purchase fresh beans from local roasters that use coffee roasters Hobart to roast the beans. However, you should also remember that the best cup comes only from the beans that have been roasted recently. Of course, you might not always find these beans and would consider simply sticking to the instant, but the taste in flavour is a difference that the two can never be compared with.

Keep the beans fresh

Make sure that you always store the fresh beans you purchased in airtight containers and invest on some coffee supplies like coffee paper, mason jars and whatnot. Don’t ever store these in a fridge as the moisture it only going to ruin the entire flavour and the beans also end up taking food odours that already exist. Thus further resulting in the change in taste and flavour.

Select good coffee

There are different types of coffee that is sold in the market. However not all of them are of the same quality nor do they taste the same. That is why when you are selecting coffee you need to be extra mindful of the kinds that you choose especially if you want to enjoy a good cup of coffee at the end of the day. Look for the ‘Arabica’ beans over the ‘Robusta’ as they are known to be the ‘better ones’ that you should be on the look out for.

Use the right water

It doesn’t matter if you have found the best beans that have gone through the perfect amount of roast if you ruin the entire thing by not using the right water. The water is what is most required to dilute the coffee, so don’t ruin it by using tap water that is filled with chlorine and whatnot! Instead use bottled water or boil your water well beforehand.

Don’t be stingy with the grind

If you truly want an authentic and amazing cup of coffee you need to make sure that you avoid being stingy with the grind that you use. The standard amount that you should be using to brew a fine cup of coffee is 2 tablespoons for a 6-ounce cup. Using lesser coffee and warmer water only creates a water down and bitter cup of coffee and that is certainly not something you would want to serve anyone! So take the above tips in to account and brew yourself some of the best cups of coffee ever!