Mouth-watering Catering Services For Your Function!

My alter ego offers the wide ranges of catering services like function catering for all of your function no matter it is your week-end party or no matter it is your wedding or any family get together My Alter Ego can provides their amazing function catering services from starter to the small and then main course with the deserts including soft and hard drinks according to chosen or customized menu decided this is not it My Alter Ego would also provide you an individual dish same like when you go in restaurant and order food of your own choice so My Alter Ego offers you the same in your function like for an example you have arranged a function for your family let us say for one hundred and twenty one guest including your family and now you wanted to set up a function catering services in such a way that all of your guest would enjoy the food of their choice not what you have decided the menu for all.

In an addition, in this case only My Alter Ego has the facility to provide you this customized function catering services in which our own waiters would take the order first while offering some starter snack with drinks and then at the time settled they will serve your guest the same food they ordered just like a restaurant and not only this your guest can even more customized the dish like they can order like this that please get me marshmallow cuisine with a toping of mix fresh vegetable with only onion and green chilli sauce so it will be served as described. Furthermore, all the food would be prepare in front of your eyes which makes sure that every food is fresh and made by your personal cook or chief.

Moreover, My Alter Ego would make your function memorable by their catering services and your guest will never dare to forget about an exceptional experience they have had in your function. Now if you are thinking of the budget because when My Alter Ego provides and give you chance for such an amazing serving of desired catering than it would costs a lot so let me be very clear and honest it is not like that My Alter Ego is more your own company and they knows that if they keep their packages attractive so not only their clients get satisfied but also deals freely so this is why their rates are very competitive as compare to market and their services which includes function catering services, corporate lunch catering services and office catering Brisbane are best services in town throughout the Brisbane, Australia. You can find out more about dishes and customization and the packages rate with all costing and other relevant information require by visiting their website at